We have an export logistics operation site of about 70,000 m2 with a complete range of supporting facilities designated for professional operation of various export logistics business. There are 40,000 m2 open stockyard, 3000 m2 weather shed and 20,000 m2 standard warehouses. We provide operation service mainly for various export goods, such as stone, garments, shoes and hats, electric appliances, pottery products and toys. In addition, we also provide online goods information inquery service, 24-hour loading and unloading service and the like.

Main business scope:

I. Export goods site-loading business: provide open loading and unloading, stockpiling, container shipping, supporting value-added activities and so on for export trade enterprises, manufacturing enterprises and various logistics suppliers.

II. Export goods warehouse-loading business: mainly provide regular consolidation, warehousing, sorting, labeling, marking, palletizing, outer package changing, weighing and so on for export goods.

III. Deconsolidation and consolidation business of import and export goods supervised by the customs (out of the bonded port area): we have a large-scale public warehouse platform - Haicang Port Deconsolidation and Consolidation Center --- for import and export deconsolidation and consolidation with 5,700 m2 warehouse area, mainly providing clients with export goods consolidation, import goods deconsolidation, sorting, labeling, marking, palletizing, distribution, document preparation, shipping bills distribution and so on. The special supervision business and customs on-site inspection are easy to operate so as to save cost and improve efficiency for clients.

IV. Customs transferring business for railway-transported cargo: the customs transferring district is neighboring Haicang Raiway Freight Station and connected with National Road 324, Xiazhangquan Highway and Xiacheng Highway, which mainly assumes the import and export inspection business and customs transferring operation of railway transported cargo. Customs transferring district for railway-transported cargo is set up in the customs supervision area so as to realize one-stop service, such as encasement, dynamic balancing, customs declaration, inspection and customs transferring formalities.

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